Federal Government College, Enugu is a Unity College with a vast and impressive academic record to go by. Since inception, it has maintained a high standard in academic pursuits as well as a high taste in excellence and moral discipline. This can be seen from the quality and brilliance of its students in both external and internal examinations, competitions, quizzes, debates, etc. We have proved time and time again that we are no pushovers where education is concerned for the whole development of the human being. This is in no small measure attributed to the of highly trained and dedicated Teaching and Non-Teaching staff to make this noble institution stand head above others in all educational ramifications.

The school buildings are all modern architectural design and they include three storey buildings used as the administration, classrooms and laboratory blocks. There are also specialized classrooms for Home Management, Technical Drawing, Fine Art, Business Education, Physical and Health Education and Music. In addition, the Bulgarian Government in collaboration with the planning Division of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Technology have set up workshop for Auto mechanics, wood work, metal work and Electronics.

We believe that half education is dangerous that is why we go the extra mile to see that we bring out the best in our students. As the saying goes "if you think that education is costly, try ignorance".

"A word from the principal"

Federal Government College, Enugu is one of the Unity Colleges established by the Federal Government of Nigeria as a means of fostering the spirit of National Unity among Nigerian Youths. It is a co-educational institution which was opened on 11 January, 1973.

The college has a modern library which is the centre of our academic activities. The curriculum is comprehensive in scope in keeping with the 2-tier system of National Policy on Education.