Here we have:
i. Physics     ii. Chemistry     iii. Biology     iv. Mathematics

1. Physics

The physics department of this great college has since inception continued to witness continous improvement both materially and academically. Our students' performance has remained a source of encouragement to us in putting in our best at all times.

Our Vision

With the fast rate of technological changes in the world, the department is looking forward to majing ohysics the most appreciated in the sciences. We wish to be part of the producers of the generation that will bring about the next world's technological break-through.

2. Chemistry

The chemistry department started with the school in 1973 at the temporary site of the F.G.C Enugu. Chemistry was offered by only students of the Higher School Certificate(H.S.C) of the school.The first set of the students who offered Chemistry at the ordinary level sat for the West African School Certificate Examination in 1977.

Our progress

This department from the outset of the school has enjoyed popularity and patronage by the students considering the large number of students who register to offer chemistry every session. This obviously is partly because chemistry is a pre-requisite for many science courses in the universities and in many higher institutions and partly because the department has two lasboraties which are well equipped and adequately staffed.Also,the good performance at competitions and in examinations is also attributable to the adequate staffing which has properly motivated the students.
Above all we thank God for all the progress which we have made in this department.

3. Biology

Biology as a subject was one of the pioneer courses of Federal Government College, Enugu. The department as it was called then was responsible for the teaching of Biology to the students of the Higher School Certificate Section and General Science to Junior Students.At the inception of the school the subject had a one-room laboratory at the temporary site. The students were few but both students and staff were dedicated and everybody worked hard.

Our Achievements

Today, Biology has two laboratories and also a multi-purpose laboratory that is shares with the other science subjects.Also, students have been doing well in this subject academically. Biology has continued to record impressive academic performance and outstanding achievements in external examinations. For a period of 1996 to 2002, the subject continued to emerge first in the college. Finally, these achievements is also largely due to God's grace.

4. Mathematics

Mathematics has been as old as the college itself. It started with only five members of the Department. Presently there are fourteen qualified, experienced and dutiful teachers in the department.

Our Achievements & Progress

The performance of students in this vital subject and the king of all sciences has always helped them in other related courses like further mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry. A good number of them have been gaining admission into universities of their choice.We also enjoy scholarship awards from National mathematics Centre, Abuja- this is mainly for the JS Students(The scholarship is for the SS Classes).

Here we have:
i. Visual Arts     ii. Music     iii. Government     iv. C.R.K     v. History     vi. I.R.S

1. Visual Arts

Most school leavers in Nigeria today,even at tertiary level, with very good paper qualification still find it very difficult to gain employment Why? The available jobs are quite fewer than the numerous school leavers who have wisely acquired just a general education that cannot really equip them with the demands of the country's social , commercial and technological climate. Visual /Creative art, popularly known as Fine Art, is one singular area of study at any school level beginning from the Junior Secondary School Level, that can equip any serious minded child to be self reliant without much financial capital. The study of this noble subject, provides the opportunity for students to develop a language for expressing ideas,feelings,emotions through a variety of art experiences.

Our Achievements

Our record in WASSCE has been a thing of pride for the whole department.

2. Music

The music department is still in existence though right now it is not being offered in any level in the secondary school; because of lack of students in the junior level/secondary. The musical instruments in the department offers the student an avenue to practise and learn the art of playing piano but because if the numerous subjects in existence and parental influence, the tendency becomes preference to science subjects Mathematics, Chemistry,& Biology.
More so, the musical trends and interest of students have shifted from lines and spaces to rapping, miming, choreography and rhythm and blues(R&B). However the department is hoping to revive music education in F.G.C.E with the re-introduction of junior students come 2010. At present the department comprise of only two teachers Mrs. Onwasigwe K.U and my humble self Barr. Ngozi Okereke-Anigbogu (H.O.D music).

Our progress

The department is fully equipped with both African and Western musical instruments such as Trumpets, Guitars, (Lead & Bass) Pianos,Brigade Band Set for match pasts during inter-house sports. The department is fully engaged during important school activities like:
~ Prize Giving Day ceremonies
~ Founders Day celebrations
~ The College Speech Day.
We are also not left out when any August visitor comes to the college.

3. Government

Government as a subject was introduced in the college between 2000/2001 academic sessions. The pioneer teachers were Mrs Ezenekwe chinelo and Mr Onyekwere Emeka Mathew recently, the department has five qualified teachers. The ranks of the teachers range from Assistant chief Education officer, two(2) principle education officers, one(1) Senior education officer and one(1) Education office (II).

Our Achievements

The interesting nature of the subject has attracted many students to the subject. Students who offer the subjects are those who intend to study law, public administration, and international relationship e.t.c The department has done relatively well in terms of the result produced in the past years.

4. C.R.K

This is a subject that endears students to the fact that there exists a Supreme Being that monitors and controls our actions.

Our Achievements & Progress

We are proud to say that we have always had a good turnout of students in this subject area mostly for the spirital welfare than for anyother purpose. Also, those who sit for it in examinations have always had cause to be happy that they did. God has always being gracious to us all.

5. History

This is a subject that tries to integrate students with our history as a country. Like the saying goes "Those who don't know history are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past".

Our Achievements & Progress

History has always been a subject that students have taken to heart. We also have a large portion of our students who offer to sit for it in external examinations.The department has a large vast of historical materials and items with which to educate the students during class sessions.

6. I.R.S

In the name of Allah Most Gracious,Most Merciful.
Islam works as a religion for purifying a soul and keeping it unstained by evil things unless and until it is trained and developed to rise above evils around it. A man without a religion is like a ship without a rudder.In other words, moral values should be inculcated in the students by teaching them the true spirit of worshipping God.

Our Achievements & Progress

The school authority has been very helpful in her support to this department. Together with their unflinching support in raising the moral and academic standard of the school. The department has been maintaining One hundred percent (100%) credit pass, both in JSCE and SSCE examinations.

Here we have:
i. Introductory Technology     ii. Accounting     iii. Commerce     iv. Physical Education     v. Home Management

1. Introductory Technology

In keeping pace with the needs of the student we have made provision for the a workshop that would enable students to stand on their own if they decide to do blue collar jobs,showing them their is pride in labor.

Our Achievements

We hope to reach a peak that would make us to invent rather than copy or import technology in this country of ours.

2. Accounting

Historically, the subject Accounting is a product of its own environment.It was said to have been developed by the middle easter merchants in the 15th century.Back home in this country, the emergence of modern accounting and practice dates back to the colonial era following the need for proper financial reporting to the then colonial administration. Financial accounting as a mathematics based subject, checks, assesses and evaluates finanacial performance of organizations,governments,industry and commerce.

Our Achievements

Despite the relative size of the department and the small student enrolments, the department has continued to make impact, producing sound graduates that are marvelously doing well in their financial and other business related courses.

3. Commerce

This can be said to be a union of two departments(Business Studies and Economics). Business studies in offered in the Junior Secondary while Commerce is offered to those in the Senior category.

Our Achievements

The department has been doing very well academically. It has continued to record impressive academic performance and outstanding achievements in external examinations.

4. Physical Education

The department was established in 1973.Then it was manned by Three competent staff - Mr. Khan(H.O.D), Mrs. Ufoh and Mr. Odu Oma.The department since then has produced hardworking students who passed out with flying colors.Not only that, the department has also turned out sports enthusiasts who have brought glory to the college.

Our Progress

The department has recorded a lot of success in all spheres of life and in external competitions,"Our students are heroes".

5. Home Management

Home Management is a field of study that covers all aspects of life in the home in particular and the community in general.The teaching and learning of Home management will guide students to develop attitudes, good habits, skills and abilities that are necessary for achieving personal and family living goals and to contribute as well as improve family resources.

Our Progress Report

Over the years there has been a progressive increase in the number of students offering the subject.These courses are taught to both boys and girls.It is worthy to note that many boys have won prizes in the subjects during the annual prize giving day.

Here we have:
i. English     ii. French     iii. Igbo     iv. Hausa     v. Yoruba

1. English

The founders of this great institution, Federal Government College, Enugu had a vision of building a centre of academic excellence of worlds standard where students from all over the nation and beyond with staffs as role models, grow up together and impact on one another.

This vision could not have been achieved without the central nerve” such as English Department which serves as a vessel or tool for impacting knowledge. English language being a core subject in the college curriculum and a major requirement on entry into any university or any tertiary institution in the country cannot be over emphasized.

Hence, the painstaking and tireless efforts of all the members of English language Department. The pride and glory of any school largely depends on its performance in external examinations and also on its achievements in academic competitions. Therefore English Department has been solely at the service of the school to preserve, restore and positively uplift the dignity of which the school has been known since the inception of F.G.C. Enugu.

Our Achievements

The department being the live wire of the college has two major subjects which are: English language and literature-in-English. The increase in the demand for higher learning, professional courses in Art, coupled with the quest to meet up with the fast accelerating computer age led the education system in Nigeria to develop young vibrant students to salvage the country in the near future.

Thus, the department is all embracing. It prepares student for all literary competitions such as: Essay competitions, reading, competitions, debates, drama, press and the newly introduced Model United Nations” competitions which has exposed the students to the world. The department has continued to participate and successfully too in many competitions. More so, the past years’ school certificate examination results are pointers to the success of the department. It is wealthy of note that all these wouldn’t have been achieved without the combined efforts of the members of the department.

The success of the department has gone through so many heads with Mr. J.C Neboh as the pioneer head of English department in 1973 who handed over to Mrs C.C Nwizu in 1979. Subsequently, late chief F.O. Onuorah and Barr. Mrs C. Uche-Eze headed the department in 1991 & 1992 respectively. In 1992 Mrs. B. Obiwulu took over the headship of the department and at her retirement she gladly relinquished the headship to Mrs. Ugwa whose headship was short-lived due to an unexpected posting. Mr James Nnamonu took over the leadership for some years and at his retirement, Barr. Mrs. B. Onyeneke became the head of English Department at her posting to Federal Ministry of Education; the mantle of leadership came to Mrs N.A Idika-Kalu who presently is marring the affairs of the department with the humble support of suitable trained and qualified teachers/members of staff.

With all the above mentioned there is significant progress in the department and we pray and hope that more will be added in the very near future as we grow to serve the nation.

2. French

This department is as old as the college itself.At the time the subject was compulsory in the Junior Secondary School.At the senior level students had the option to choose it at the WASSC or not.But from observation, most of the very bright students often offer it at WASSC level.Today, because of the bi-lateral agreement between the French and the Nigerian government, French became the second official language in Nigeria.Still on record, Nigeria lost to Ghana, the position of Secretary-General of the United Nations because the Nigerian candidate had no knowledge of French. Today the awareness is created as the subject is now a core subject in all Unity schools.

Our Progress

It is very important to commend here, the effort of the French Attache' in Nigeria through 'Alliance Francaise' has been making to highlight the importance of learning of French as a foreign language in Nigeria and Enugu in particular.Also, in this regard, the school authority has shown and encouraged the department in ways that we have benefitted immensely from that support.

3. Igbo

Igbo language department was introduced into the college curriculum in 1978 by one Mr Mba. His initial efforts to make the students embrace the subject were fruitless and as such the department died then. Five years later, Mr Chijioke onyecherelem, (now late) made a second attempt on introducing the subject into the college curriculum again. The subject saw some light then about twenty two students embraced the study of the language though only a few of them offered it in the 1986/1987 senior school certificate examinations. These students came out with fairly good results because there teachers then were not Igbo language specialists.

However, the introduction of 6-3-3-4 system of education made Igbo language a core subject at both junior and senior secondary schools. At this juncture more Igbo language teachers were recruited and sent to carter for the need of millions of students offering the subject now. Federal Government College, Enugu benefited from this gesture.

Our Achievements

The department is presently blessed with the following seasoned academic staffs who work tirelessly to not only the department but also to the college in general. Many of the teachers hold higher degree certificates and are highly knowledgeable in both Igbo language and literature. There has been remarkable progress in the department over these years. Apart from winning several laurels in the JSCE, SSCE and NECO, the department in the recent years has formed a formidable cultural club. This club not only performs within and outside the college borders, it has also helped in a very large extent in inculcating the right attitude to Igbo cultural life among our students. The department recently celebrated the international mother tongues day. This celebration again made tremendous impact among the staff and students.

Igbo language has therefore taken its rightful position in the college. Above all, through the kind gesture of our then principal Mr M.O Esan, the department would continue to embark on acculturation programme- a program that is designed to take the students back to their root for immediate sensory contact with the realistic against the theoretical teaching and learning framework. This is another giant stride the department would wake in seeing that our students realise the importance of their language and culture.

Recently, the N.T.A invited the school for quiz, debate, and drama competition in Igbo language with about eight schools in the neighbourhood and beyond, our students pulled through and came best overall.

4. Hausa

This department has been idle for some time.

Our Achievements

This would be written when there is some significant improvement in this department.

5. Yoruba

This department has been idle for some time.

Our Achievements

This would be written when there is some significant improvement in this department.

Here we have:
i. Economics     ii. Commerce

1. Economics

Economics department was one of the pioneer departments in Federal Government College,Enugu with Mr. P.O Emina as the first head of department.It evolved with the department embracing the teaching of economics and commerce to the Business Studies department in 1983 with the introduction of 6-3-3-4 system of education.

Our Vision

To turn out economically aware students who understand the importance of the subject in running their day-to-day activities.

2. Commerce

This can be said to be a union of two departments(Business Studies and Economics). Business studies in offered in the Junior Secondary while Commerce is offered to those in the Senior category.

Our Achievements

The department has been doing very well academically. It has continued to record impressive academic performance and outstanding achievements in external examinations.

Here we have:
i. Geography     ii. Agricultural Sciences

1. Geography

Geography was one of the pioneer subjects taught at federal government college at both the post primary and higher school level; when the school was founded in January, 1973. The few geography teachers in the department were ably headed by Mr W.C Okeke. This group of teachers worked very hard to place the department on a sound foundation. The methodology they adopted in the teaching of geography and the localization of geographical features attracted many students both at the secondary and the higher school levels. The pioneer students of geography passed the W.A.S.S.C.E with high grades in 1977 while the higher school certificate result was also quite impressive, the school continued to maintain enviable records in Higher school certificate examination, until it was phased out in 1987. When the higher school section was phased out the department concentrated on the production of students for senior school certificate examination. The department continued with her glorious ascent and it has remained unabated till this day. Since the inception of the school in 1973, then administration of the department has changed hands, among the following heads:

1- Mr W.C Okeke (1973-1978)
2- Mr chukwukere (1973-1980)
3- Mr H.C Onyedinefu (1980-1983)
4- Mr onyecherelam (1983-1991)
5- Mr J.C obienyem (1991-1993)
6- Mr C.A.C Okwor (1993-1998)
7- Mrs Jikeme (1998-1999)
8- Mr C.N Onwujekwe (1999- to date).
Each of these gentlemen, supported by very dedicated staff and few N.Y.S.C members has made invaluable contributions towards the academic achievements of the department.

Our Progress

Mr Chijioke onyecherelam, with the support of the then principal, Mr I.C.J Adigwe, was able to set up a standard geographical garden and an orchard with ornamental trees. The orchard provides the school with variety of food, its scenic beauty of the environment Few vivid examples of the schools SSCE Geography results, bears eloquent testimony to the enviable academic performances of the department over the years. In 1991/1992, 179 candidates sat for geography (SSCE) and 174 students passed at credit level. In 1992/1993, the department fielded 182 students and 178 passed at credit level. In 2005 and 2008, the department was presented with certificates and cash awards as being the best overall in the school. These are few exploits of the department despite inadequate staff, facilities and equipment.

2. Agricultural Science

This department has been idle for some time.

Our Achievements

This would be written when there is some significant improvement in this department.